Friday, January 20, 2017

How to make a woman squirt easily

How to make a woman squirt easily

How to make a woman squirt easily

Do you want to make your girl feel the ultimate pleasure? I am sure you will answer yes. Most guys want to see a woman squirting. Squirting is a special ejaculate that comes out of woman’s genital when she feels extremely aroused. But remember, don’t pressure your woman to squirt. You must use the right technique. Be patient and concentrate on arousing her. So she will completely relax. Here I give you guide on how to make a woman squirt easily.

Create Wonderful Condition for her.
Tidy up the place, and prepare the place. Set the mood. Relax her mind and throw away all possible distractions. Ease her mind and focus on setting her mood. Make sure you tidy up your place. Clean the place and add any fragrance which she loves. Focus on smell, make your place smell nice. Make her feel comfortable by dimming the lights. Turn on a song that will set her mood. And now you can start the foreplay. Give her sensual massage. Every woman loves this. Just focus on making her relax.

Find the best position.
Find the best position so she will have better mood for sex. Warm her up, and put her body in the right position. Make sure she feel comfortable, and you will have better access to her vital spots, including her g-spot and clitoris. This is the most important thing.

Stimulate her vital.
Make sure everything is “wet” enough, stimulate her g-spot. You can try oral sex to stimulate her clitoris. She will start to feel the urge to pee. Make her release everything. Give her the best position so she will feel really comfortable. Assure her to let go everything and no need to worry.

Get Ready for The main Step.
You need to combine clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation. Have fun and don’t force your girl, it won’t end well. You need to learn all the techniques on your own many times. Practice is needed. It is hard to make your woman squirt for the first time. Setting up the mood is really important and hard to do. If she feels the squirt, then it is a lot easier get her the second squirt. You can use sex toys if it is needed. Have vibrator will give different sensation for your woman. The vibrator is made to stimulate her G-spot. You can ask her first. Good luck, on making your girl squirt.

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